The Mac Scavenger Hunt

Nov 16th -19th

How it works:

Follow one clue to where it says to go. Once you find your destination, you will learn a little something about that spot, and receive your next clue. There are 3 "starter" clues each of which will send you on a seperate journey through Mac Campus. At the end of each journey, you will need to get a signature. Collect your three signatures on one sheet, with your full name and email, and submit it in the box at the MCSS counter. Your name will be entered into a raffle that will be picked out at Happy Belly Nov 19th.


The starter clues:

A) In the CC, go to the place where the almighty CERES club hold their all powerful meetings. Hint: follow the maps to the Eco Niche. Once there go to cell phone recycling box for your next clue.


B) As your starter task, go to the student gardens and find the compost heaps.


C) Head to a symbol of MacDonald campus that can be seen from afar for your next clue. A long time ago as a prank engineers managed to put a car on top of it! Hint: Sir William Macdonald is holding a picture of it.




Pictures of People (you may need this later)




Joelle (MCSS) Chris(Green Drinks) Roli (Gorilla Compost) Emily (MCSS)

Louise (Happy Belly) Adriana (Arts Club) Marissa (MCSS)

Rebecca (AESUS) Cinthya (CERES) Tim (CERES) Steve (MAEG)







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