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In combination with the Macdonald Water Day (March 10th) and McGill's Uncharted Water Conference (March 26th-28th), CERES is organizing a Water Pledge Week from March 11th to March 18th. This semester is definitely your chance to learn more about local and global water related issues and what you can do about it.

Specifically pertainnig to CERES' Water Week Pledge, we have activities, prizes (for those who participate) and a big surprise in store for you; so come and join us in the MS lobby. This time blue bracelets will be distributed to those who sign up, so you can complete your collection!

Through the pledge, we hope to raise your awareness as to how much water you consume and challenge you to reduce that consumption. All students and faculty staff are welcomed to take the pledge. Now the only the question is: Will you be ready to take the water pledge?



The Water Pledge

The water pledge works by the honour system. In taking the water pledge, we let you be the judge as to how far you want to take it.

"I pledge to take the following measures to reduce my water consumption"


Don't rinse dishes with running water
Run dishwasher only when full
Reuse water on plants
Defrost frozen food in fridge, not in running water
Reduce cutlery and plates used

Compost rather than dispose

Buy whole and unprocessed foods

Reduce meat consumption


Turn off the water when brushing your teeth

Put weights in toilet tank
Take short showers, turn off water when soaping
Minimize toilet flushing
Install a faucet aerator (5$-10$)
Install a low-flow showerhead (8$-50$)

Fix drips, leaks and running toilets

Run clothes washer when full, or adjust level
Wash your clothes using cold water


Save electricity

Reduce consumption

Reuse/recycle old items

Collect rain water



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